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This position with Next Move Real Estate carries the responsibility of ensuring the overall management of the office results in compliance with all lawful requirements associated with real estate practice.
Licensee in Charge
The sales manager at Next Move Real Estate will be responsible for planning, leading and controlling the sales department in order to achieve forecast sales targets as may be set by management from time to time.
Sales Manager
You will be responsible for listing and selling residential, commercial and industrial properties in your designated area in order to achieve the sales targets set by Next Move Real Estate .
Sales Consultant
In this position you will be responsible for providing administrative support and assistance to the sales team here at Next Move Real Estate .
Sales Support
In this position as an employee of Next Move Real Estate you will be accountable for the overall management of residential, industrial and commercial properties on behalf of, and to the satisfaction of, the owner and the tenant.
Property Manager
In this position with Next Move Real Estate you will have mixed responsibilities which relate to both general office administration, including receptionist duties and assistance in the management of properties on behalf of owners.
Admin Assistant
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